The path I’m on……

Words and pictures fascinated me when I was a child. My father’s storytelling and my mother’s painting talent kept me inspired. When I began generating paintings for my own imagined stories, I quickly became disenchanted with the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” My audience could not see the extent of my story simply from one painted scene. Shyly, I always had to explain the scene aloud or write words on the matted artwork to convey my intentions.

My love of art did not come with financial means, so I took the practical advice of a family friend and became a nurse. With my physician husband, I worked and raised five children and left my creativity to simmer on the back burner.

One day an “aha” moment happened when I read the morning paper. A news piece about writing a novel in a month presented a challenge for me. Even though I could not type without looking at the keys, I managed to generate a novel-length rough draft of a story. I was ecstatic with this form of artistic expression.

Writing stories is now my new method of making “pictures.” Because of the imaginative work this requires, my creative self is content. However, creativity alone will not allow me to achieve my goal of sharing my stories with others. I must continually hone my writing skills.

I completed a writing residency and Craftsman coursework, Class VI, in 2011 with the Christian Writer’s guild.

Then at a writing conference, I heard a speaker from Act One, (a Los Angeles  based school for screenwriters and producers) explain so succinctly the essence of a good story, that I enrolled in their program. I completed this segment of training in 2013. My focus was screenwriting for feature films.

My favorite book is the Bible. Each day that I open it, a fresh view of a “word picture” appears. I also enjoy works by authors such as, Dennis E. Hensley, DiAnn Mills, Eva Marie Everson, Jerry Jenkins, Francine Rivers, C. S. Lewis, James Thurber, J.R.R. Tolkein, Tommy Tenny, Cormac McCarthy, Max Lucado, Lisa Unger, Lucy Shaw, and Khaled Hosseini.

My blog writing began in late 2010. For two years I blogged my way through the Psalms. Each week’s blog post applied the treasure verses I discovered to the context of my life or current events. I believe as I study the Bible this way, I am merely a beggar looking for every day food, using ordinary means. I believe that’s what Bible “feeding” must become in my life if I am to have a steady diet. I have to feed myself (with God’s help) in the ordinary days when no “gourmet chef” Bible teacher is available.

Some day this writing journey I am on will end. Whether I publish a book or option a script remains unknown. I only know that if I keep moving forward in this direction, I will have no regrets.

Today, you can follow my blog story, “Five: The Contingency Generation” as I write “live” a new episode each week on my blog post. You can find more details and story summary under my “stories” web tab.

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