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Links that inspire me….


Christian Writers Guild- Under Jerry B. Jenkins at the time. It’s No longer active as this entity, but it’s where my formal writer’s training  began (general writing training, fiction, non- fiction, magazine articles)

Jerry Jenkins link now-

Act One (a screenwriting and producing program)

Barbara Nicolosi (Amazing teacher who knows a good story when she sees it and also a major contributing writer for the screen script, The Passion Of The Christ)

Barbara Nicolosi & Vicki Peterson now offer script consulting and training at this link – excellent screen script training!

Story telling using comic artistry, graphic arts…. a specialty of my current story-writing mentor, Leo Partible.

McNair Wilson, an incredibly creative person, author, playwright, actor, director, cartoonist, speaker, and “book pitch” counselor. Have “tea” with him and see for yourself!

For writing procrastination issues visit AND PARTICIPATE in this site!

Film review sites



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