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Welcome Christian friend, friends of another faith, and my atheist friends. Welcome to my blog.

First a word to my sponsor-A Prayer to My God

Words, words, spoken or written. Should I write them? Should I speak them? Half my life is gone. I want to choose only your direction, God, for what is left. You have given me many titles; wife, mother, friend, nurse, mission leader, but never writer. This is new. This is hard. Should I commit fully to this path? In my human strength, God, You know I cannot add one more thing to my endeavors. I am floundering in uncertainty. By what audacity do I have a story or opinion worth writing?

Oh God, this self doubt teams up with intrusions. They become a formidable opponent. My environment is not conducive to the solitude that writing seems to require. My husband is troubled with work upheavals. A college daughter is homesick, another daughter-recently engaged. A son juggles married life and ministry, another son, and wife hope to start a family. My tenderhearted sixth grader desires friends, and my church wants volunteers. The needs are great. I am inadequate.

Help me turn to the only source that sustains. Beyond adequate, it overflows with wisdom. The book, the Bible, Your words. A soul’s haven. Inspired, revealing truth. In it, I find succinct writing. Take Paul. A Bible writer. Approximately 32, 514 New Testament words are attributed to him, according to my son. I can’t help but notice when I examine Paul’s circumstances that he definitely lacked a quiet office in which to produce. Did You use the circumstance of crude writing implements and limited paper to keep your human writers concise? No wasted words. No trite digressions. All meaning, all pulling to the greatest story ever told. The story you wrote, Oh God, my God, this book—the Bible you gave to me. Thank you. Help me. I want to know, should I write, too?

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