I’m a story maker. I weave words into a net to cast across a sea of minds hoping to capture a reader.

I’m also a reader. The theater of the mind is an amazing place. Evoked by a word, a smell, a sound, a sight, our heady curtains part, and stories, true or make-believe, rush to take on shape.

I’m an apprentice to the greatest story maker of all time. His story is true. Mine are simple versions intended to be hopeful echoes of His redemptive work.

I’m a contender against the villain thief. “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I’ve come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

I live in small-town South Texas.

I’m a former nurse, graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, the Act One screenwriting program, the Catharsis screenwriting program, and most recently, the Jerry Jenkins Novel Blueprint training, I’m a descendent of six generations of sixty-four missionaries who served in eighteen countries across four continents. My rich spiritual heritage instilled in me a lifelong love for Christ, His kingdom, and the Bible.

I’m married to a doctor, and we have five grown children. Several of them and their spouses work as pastors, doctors, and nurses.

All these abundant influences shape my stories. I often wonder about my hodgepodge of experiences where they will take me next.

Somewhere in all this, I’m a wannabe minimalist. My goal is to stay alive until my house is empty of all my stuff. Then I can die.

How about you? Is your life a jumble of experiences? Do you ever wonder where all the stops and starts, twists and turns in the road will lead?

Let’s hike along together and find out.

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