Bible Snaps: Episode 1… The Day Bad Came

Thrillers, Chillers, & Sci-Fi Killers. Whether or not you believe the bible is true, it contains stories that trigger imagination.

The Day Bad Came

The bark is red and the fruit is unique. There’s none like it in the garden.  Hanging in clusters of three, the smooth ivory orbs fade into golden green on each end.

They smell like lemons and vanilla. At least that’s how Aye describes the scent. He also tells me we should not eat the fruit or we will die.

He shows me all the other trees and gives me fruit from each one. When I eat, he tells me the name of the tree and its fruit.

Aye is fond of naming things. That’s why I’m surprised when he tells me Maker named the forbidden fruit tree.

“It’s called the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

I want to know.

What is knowledge?

What is good?

What is evil?

What is “die?”

“I don’t know,” says Aye.

One-day Snake gives me a different answer. Snake says if I eat the fruit I will be like Maker.

I want to be like Maker, so I eat some fruit and give Aye some, too.

That’s when bad comes.

Aye and I find many names for bad.

Bad is strange, awful, and it hurts. Bad makes our mouths dry, and our hearts try to climb out of our chest, while something else twists around in our stomach.

We look at each other and see we are different. Aye says to get leaves and vines and connect them together so we can have a cover to put over our differences. We hide as far away as we can from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

But Maker knows.

And now we know what evil is.

Eating the fruit changed everything.

Good is hard to find, but bad comes every day.

Fire keeps us from our good home.

We cannot see our good Maker like we did before.

Aye cries when he tries to make a good garden.

I cry too.

I cry about the day bad came.

I cry even more on the day Aye dies.


Inspired by Genesis 2:15- 3:1-14

My new blog series, Bible Snaps, are short fictionalized accounts of the more chilling stories in the Bible. Some are even “science fiction” type stories that reference biblical disasters that seem to conflict with the laws of nature.

If you follow along, there’s a couple things you should know.

My “Bible Snaps” aren’t an attempt to settle the question, “is the bible true?” Each person must decide that on their own. My goal is to jump into the head of bible characters and try to imagine living the experience described in the story and then use fresh and personal words to tell it.

My other goal is to keep these posts “snappy” quick. In doing this, I might only “snap” a portion of the bible story to tell, but I’ll always give you the bible reference so you can read the actual bible text that inspired me.

There are also other reading options on my website.

If you don’t like my Bible Snaps Stories, then check out “Five,” my medical Sci-Fi supernatural thriller story. All 67 episodes (blog posts) are now available, and if you read them from beginning to end, you’ll have read the entire book and will be ready for my sequel, “Six.”

If you don’t like “Five”, then read my other short stories on this blog- (search word, “un-proverbial”) or Psalms blog posts. All of these were posted before January 2015.

Just read me. I’d be honored to have YOU in my audience!

One final thought.

Why do I re-tell the “bad” or chilling parts of the Bible?

We live in rough times. Many people suffer under injustice. It’s good to see how the Bible, an old book that many value as true, contains many helpful stories of people who were oppressed yet managed to live, survive, and thrive. 

Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word about the Bible. Give it a read for YOURSELF. You may be surprised by what you find.



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