When I began “blogging” my way though the Psalms in November 2010, I read Psalm chapters to find treasure verses that I could use in my life. I asked God to show me what I needed to see. My observations are certainly not ALL there is to these passages. Scholars can tell you so much more. When I read the Bible, I am merely a beggar looking for every day “life food” using ordinary means. Eventually that’s what Bible study must become in my life if I am to have a steady diet. I have to feed myself (with God’s help) on week days when no gourmet Bible chef teacher or preacher is available.

At the end of 2013 I finished blogging/studying the book of Psalm, and in 2014 I moved on to Proverbs. I was inspired to compose a few short stories I called these my “Un-Proverbial Tales.” It was a fun and useful exercise to drive the lessons home in my own heart. (I believe it is presumptuous to read the bible and focus on “lessons for others” unless one first applies Bible teaching to their own missteps.)

After about eight Proverbs inspired tales and a few movie reviews, I realized my blog posts STILL took a lot of time. For lack of attention, my screenwriting and novel writing project goals were not being met.

So in March 2014, I hired a dead guest blogger to provide my posts.

Thanks to my father, who gave me “the papers,” 62 of my grandfather’s radio devotions, my grandfather’s words would be “heard” again.

My father had re-translated my grandfather’s inspirational messages, originally composed in English, but then translated and delivered in Spanish during the 1930’s to 1970’s through a radio broadcast program called Amanecer con Dios, or, “Greet the Dawn with God.”

My Grandfather, John Daughtery Clark, (called JD) was a British-born, navy -taught (radio and morse code), gentleman, who left the world of banking to serve 55 years in ministry capacities—preacher to churches in England and Quito, hospital chaplain, missionary, Bible Institute leader, and radio broadcaster. Out of his love of the Bible and his God, the devotions were composed to be shared as encouragement to the listeners of HCJB radio station, “Voice of the Andes,” based in Quito Ecuador.

I blog-shared his words—those 30’s to 60’s radio broadcasts-with the world again. My grandfather’s “voice” championed a communication style that I had yet to accomplish—brevity. Each piece was only about three hundred words each, but they delivered potent encouragement.

In this “dead to alive” experiment, I hoped all my “listeners” were blessed!

After only a short while of converting my grandfather’s radio messages into my blog format, I realized that although the Bible texts he used were still applicable to today’s readers, the illustrations -daily stories, figures, and events that he tied them to only related well to the years spanning 1930’s to 1960’s.

Throughout the blogging process, I believe I am crystallizing who I am as a writer. I am learning what will inspire me to write more consistently and faithfully each week. Although it may appear that I have been concocting an aimless writer’s soup, I see a form rising from the mist. I see a pattern of what excites me and who I am as a writer.

Many roles in my life have been predetermined and came with boundaries and examples that were easy to follow. Succeeding in work as a nurse, wife, mother, charity volunteer, and community activist seems simple compared to finding my way as a proper writer.

Here is what I believe to be true about MY writing enthusiasm and hope to make true in fact in fact and form (scripts and books) in the years to come.

I am a writer of fiction. I am a storyteller. I write to entertain and provoke thought.

I see in pictures. I have always seen and loved Bible pictures. I see analogies to Bible teaching everywhere I look.

I am not a Christian writer. I am a Christian who writes. My creativity/writing is intrinsically connected to my faith. They are inseparable. I am a generational faither. Someone(s) in my genealogy was the first to step out in faith and follow Christ and walk with God, and I am the lucky link that can now “pay this faith forward” via creative “pictures” for the benefit of my future family. This generational connected-ness concept totally enthralls me.

My current blog posts are fictitious “episode summaries” of a fictitious television series called “Five” based off a real book, The Contingency Generation that I am writing “live” on my blog.

My weekly blog storybook, “Five: The Contingency Generation” is a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery Suspense creation. When it’s finished, I’ll write the screenplay.

Here’s the blog story summary.

Blood related but separated by world realms and five generations in time, two women work to reveal the murderous plots of Fol and his legion of deliverymen thieves.

The series’ protagonists are blood related but separated by world realms and five generations of time. SJ lives in the year 2165 and works as a resurrection scientist.

When SJ’s new malfunctioning 3D printer generates a letter instead of an error message, she learns that the letter writer is Evie, a woman born in 1958 who claims to be her great, great, great grandmother. SJ first considers the letter a prank and dismisses the warning given by Evie that SJ’s world is about to end. Evie gives a description of “Fol,” an ageless murderous villain whose presence along with his legion of deliverymen thieves spans times and realms.

Evie, although living on Five, has been given a last opportunity to reveal the final intricate web of deceit spun by Fol. She relies heavily on an ancient book written by The Supreme Being to decode Fol’s tactics and wants to pass this knowledge on to her granddaughter whose job involves the resurrection of life.

SJ finds the information in the letter unsettling. She is engaged to a man named Fol, but this is a common name shared by 893,462 other people. Names in 2165 are mostly gender neutral and often acronyms. The man she is about to partner with is not a villain, but a world renown leader who oversees the distribution of supplies.

SJ’s generation is proud to be known as the “contingency generation,” a tag earned because of the vast amount of scientific and societal developments and planning that they have implemented to counter some of the world’s worst dilemmas. The idea that her world is about to end is inconsistent with such a capable culture.

When SJ’s best friend dies and leaves a cryptic directive to find Evie, SJ’s scientist mind resolves to uncover the truth of Fol and Evie, but the process of untangling deceit is more than she bargains. Then, revealing the truth will cost SJ everything, a price she is not willing to pay. As SJ struggles with her next move, Fol offers a way out. It is the deal of a lifetime. Will she take it?

There’s one other thing the audience should know.

Fol’s name is an acronym for, “Father of Lies.”

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