Not One Bird Falls

The story of a woman holding a grudge, a man keeping a secret, a fatherless child, a childless father, and the God who puts them all together.

What if a secret you’ve kept hidden for years is revealed and jeopardizes the life you’ve made?

When her job is eliminated , a nurse moves to Texas to be near her physician son. Her utopia is shattered when her ex husband appears and exposes the lie she’s told her son for 29 years, that his father was dead. As old hurts threaten to destroy her faith and future, renewal comes instead, in the shape of a wounded bird, a car accident, and the identity of a small child.



Falling Petals

Friendship pruned by death and differences returns to new bloom in the promise of home.

Martha, a garden center owner, befriends Leila, a Muslim-American woman transplanted to Texas by her husband’s work. A shared love of gardening grows the women’s friendship, but weeds of trouble soon come in the form of incurable leukemia and a political battle. When a death severs their ties, the alliance is set aside, only to reunite weeks later during a town-wide search for Leila’s missing daughter. Once the young girl is found, a friendship promise is revealed, and the result brings a surprising benefit to all.



The Husband Code: Feature length film script project

Genre: Romantic Comedy

While on his honeymoon, a pacifist, computer coder Lorne Caden, accidentally meets his new wife’s estranged mafia boss father, a recently released ex-con working as a chef at a Las Vegas restaurant. Lorne is welcomed into the family and offered a job involving the family business, but his wife wants nothing to do with her father or the family’s tainted business tactics. Soon, however, Lorne caves to his father-in-law’s pressuring. Lorne agrees to secretly use his new job position at Kikuriti, a well-known computer consulting business, to hack into his father-in-law’s former competitor’s files to dig up data on past business partners. When the two worlds collide, Lorne discovers his passivism has a limit after all.


Five: The Contingency Generation  

My current work in progress is a medical SciFi novel.

Blood related but separated by world realms and five generations in time, two women work to reveal the murderous plots of Fol and his legion of deliverymen thieves.


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