Cry A Storm Over Drug-Wasted Life

Cry a storm with lightning and thunder

’cause drug dealers get our children down under.


Under the fantasy, under the spell

On the blank-minded road to hell.


They call it stoned, they say they’re high

They lose their money, no reason why.


Dealers of deception, dealer of drugs,

Dealers of poverty, stealing thugs.


Children start to steal, youth learn to lie,

After a while they can’t even cry.


Mocking winds, mocking faces,

Mocking authority in jail places.


Decent people pay the social cost.

Money, time and lives are lost.


Media portrays the hyper state

So people are hooked until too late.


Uppers in the morning, downers at night

Normal workers don’t need drugs to bite.


The latest fad is to say you are sick

Get some doctor to prescribe a “legal” kick.


Whether you use drugs, whether you deal

You are a parasite and from society steal.


Parasites don’t care, parasites devour

America is dying, it is the last hour.


Dying within, from our own sin

No need to blame all on Bin Laden.


Inspired by Reality and Truth, 2013

Written by a father and grandfather who saw.

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