Psalm 72: Hope in an ending

I am in need of an ending. Let me explain. Three years ago, over the course of two months, I wrote a 78,000-word story entitled, Not One Bird Falls. A year later, after some changes, I entered my story in a contest. It was rejected with recommendations for improvement. I was unable to understand the recommendations, so I enrolled in writing classes. Then I began the task of revising my story.

Earlier this year, I set a goal to re-enter my revised book in the same annual contest and submit to a publisher. Because this is my first book project, my inexperience led me to underestimate the time I needed to finish my final draft. You see before I submitted to the contest, I’d planned to send my final draft to a copy editor—a professional who I’d pay to examine my story one more time. I needed to have my final draft ready in July to allow for this step. My final draft is still slightly short of being finished. I cannot make my goal. For me, it seems that writing the first draft of my story was the easy part.

My story has a great ending. It also has a good beginning. There are even decent parts in between. My problem is this. My original story was woven together like a quilt, but in my inexperience, it was a poorly sewn (poorly written) “quilt.” Still, it was intact. In order to professionalize my story, I had to cut it apart. Tweak it here and there. I even had to resurrect a dead character, (one of the villains) and place him at different junctures in the story. I am still in the process of reconnecting the pieces of my story and making final revisions

My ending is still not in sight. The completion of my final story draft is not a reality.

In contrast, life endings are going on all around me. It is important to note that some endings are welcome, but others are not. However, good things can result even in the endings that are not welcome, or in the life-threatening circumstances that strive against us. True hope often blooms only in the face adversity.

Cancer is a life circumstance that taunts many with suggested endings to life. After watching yet another sweet friend struggle in the face of cancer, I took a challenge. It is for these warriors—people who struggle with life both physically and mentally—that I write my blog. My friend’s bravery—to live in the throes of cancer—became my challenge, when I chose to respond to her situation with emails and blog postings of encouragement.

Through this blog of encouraging words, I share “treasure” verses I find in the Psalms. I dig them out from my weekly reading. David penned these ancient lyrics in the midst of his despair and struggles. (Although, not all the Psalms are believed to have been penned by David.) If you care to note, each post includes a verse from the Psalm I am currently studying.

Today’s blog post theme describes my desire for an ending to my story writing process. Coincidently the Psalm I am currently studying, Psalm 72, is attributed as having been written at the end of David’s life.

So what are the wonderful thoughts and words that exude from the character David at the end of his life? They are all about the One who endures forever. The One without end. Believed to have been penned by his son Solomon, David’s final remarks concerning his creator are found in Psalm 72:17-20………

“His name shall endure forever; His name shall continue as long as the sun, indeed His name continues before the sun. And men shall be blessed and bless themselves by Him; all nations shall call Him blessed! Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, Who alone does wondrous things! Blessed be His glorious name forever; let the whole earth be filled with His glory! Amen and Amen! The prayers of David, son of Jesse, are ended.”

We know that even in David’s end, our heaven-planned future was evolving, because Christ himself was later born from this line of Jesse as predicted.

Jesus—is and always will be our True Hope—in spite of our inevitable ending!

He promises us, And surely I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Mathew 28:20b


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