Psalm 103: Gone With The Wind

My wildflowers exploded briefly into colorful punctuation points—fireworks in a sea of grass. Now they are turning into seed heads. A breath of wind will soon carry them off, and the field will be green as if they never existed. Wildflowers are used in Psalm 103 as an example of how brief human life really is. Like the flowers in the field, soon we all are “gone with the wind.”

In contrast to our individual life-blip on the screen of time, the Psalm writer mention’s two God features that exist from “everlasting to everlasting.” These two things, contrary to scientist’s musings, are not a rock or a tree. Neither are they part of an unknown galaxy, or the earth, sun, moon, or stars. (All these have the potential for being preceded or post dated by any new discovery!) ONLY characteristics of God could truly exist from everlasting to everlasting.

It’s God’s mercy and loving-kindness that exists from “everlasting to everlasting”

This idea might be a real problem for you if you do not believe in God.

To believe in God you have to decide if there could be someone greater than you and all humankind. For some people this is too big a leap (faith). It’s especially more difficult if they did believe in God once, and He did not perform as they expected. Perhaps God did not heal or save someone they loved when THEY thought He should.

In more recent years when I see God not doing what I think He should be doing, I’ve rested on two conclusions.

1. The first conclusion is about man’s choice. God must truly believe in “free will,” because He has allowed men to choose freely their actions in spite of His various methods of persuasion. Men have the final say on whether they want to be related to God or not. From the Bible, (the most comprehensive book to date on God), you will learn that God is not a fan of robotic relationships.

2. The second conclusion is about God’s purpose. When my purpose is to see someone physically healed, that’s a worthy cause, but should healing from illness be the greatest purpose? Perhaps it is, but I don’t think God sees things the way I do. The Bible teaches that God sees a world of people He lovingly created to be in relationship with Him, and He has amazing plans for them, but sadly, the plans cannot happen unless people trust and look to Him.

God’s foremost purpose is all about the “team”—Him and us.

God is not a human concoction. Humans are a God concoction. In God’s reaction of dealing with humans in mercy and loving-kindness from “everlasting to everlasting,” we see the unexpected tactic of a God who is “God-ish” and not a “man-ish” god.

If a man created a being that sought to go its own ignorant and self-limiting way, there would be immediate retaliation. Would you stay connected long to another human (one you’ve created) that would spit in your face, and ignore your direction and attempts of relationship?

Yet, in reaction to our self-will, God has stayed true to His purpose of relationship. He might not always heal us physically, but He continually pours out everlasting mercy and loving-kindness to win us back spiritually for all eternity. He endlessly displays His love for us.

How awesome is this God? Do we understand His intentions with us? Hardly ever, yet it is our daily breath inhaled!

God’s mercy—He holds back punishment for what we really do deserve for our self-willed ways.

God’s loving-kindness—He freely gives His loving-kindness to those who want to receive it. Loving-kindness implies knowing the subject who is in the position to receive. He knows us.

We ARE everlastingly personal to God, but we must remember His God essence means He does not answer to our command. After all, why should He?

Soon, like the flowers in the field, we all are “gone with the wind.”

My Prayer

“God, Your actions to us are unbelievable! I cannot imagine acting in everlasting mercy and loving-kindness towards people who would continually reject me, yet You do this very thing. Forgive me for being angry and hurt when You do not do what I expect, because it is obvious my expectations lie in the lesser realms. You have hopes and plans for so much more!

I have two requests, Lord God.

1. Help me see more situations as you see them. Give me understanding.

2. Also, if it is Your will, let me be in situations where I can draw the focus of others onto Your actions of mercy and loving-kindness.

Amen and amen.”



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