Psalm 94: Big God, Small Town Eyes

By the time my son came home, I had already heard about his near-miss accident via a telephone call from a total stranger. On another occasion, at the McDonald’s drive thru window, I received congratulations on my pregnancy along with my egg McMuffin. (I had only known for a few hours. How did the employee already know?) The answer can be summed up in two words. Small town. A small town is the place where you don’t need to put on your turn signal, because everyone already knows where you are going.

Maybe it’s easier to notice the details of life if your setting is small, but what about God? He oversees the universe. With such a big sphere of vision, does He really see the details in our life?

Psalm 94 poses this question and pleads for God’s vengeance against wicked men. The wicked add to the challenge by saying, “The Lord does not see, neither does the God of Jacob notice.” (verse 7)

Is this true? Is God blind and deaf to the horrible evil that seems to prevail across the world?

What is God’s audiovisual capability?

Verse 9-10

“He Who planted the ear, shall He not hear? He Who formed the eye, shall He not see? He Who disciplines and instructs the nations, shall He not punish, He Who teaches man knowledge? The Lord knows the thoughts of man, that they are vain, empty, and futile.”

Then in verses 11-14, we find specific reference to the confidence and power a God-taught person can have.

“Blessed, happy and fortunate is the man whom You discipline and instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law. That You may give him power to keep himself calm in the day of adversity, until the inevitable pit of destruction is dug for the wicked.

For the Lord shall not cast off nor spurn His people, neither will He abandon His heritage…”

(Verse 22) “But the Lord has become my High Tower and Defense, and my God, the Rock of my refuge.”

My Prayer

“Thank you God for ALL you are doing that I cannot see. Thank you that Your eyes and ears are not like mine, but are more glorious and perceptive than I can imagine. Help me to be calm in the day of my adversity and claim the power I have in You to do this. Thank you that abandonment is not Your method of interaction, neither do You spurn, cast away, or turn Your back on the heritage You have built. You are consistent and strategic, and we are the object of Your plan. In this focus, we are abundantly blessed! Amen”



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